World Cup Karate Reviews

World Cup Karate Kristie C.

One of our favorite places! The instructors at World Cup are the best! They are patient and kind all while teaching respect. The kids are able to learn and still have great time!

Kristie C.

World Cup Karate Stephanie L.

Our son has been attending classes here for about 9 months and he loves it! I love the discipline and respect that he also learns from class and how it's carried home. The teachers do a wonderful job with the kids and the location is super convenient for everyone in the Linwood area!

Stephanie L.

World Cup Karate Carol H.

World Cup Karate is amazing! If you are thinking about joining for your kids or grandkids... Do it! Membership here was the best Christmas gift I could have thougt of for my grandson. The instructors are Fabulous! Membership here will enhance your child/grand child's life. A great work out, lessons of respect all while having so much fun. Thank you World Cup Karate for making a difference in Peters life!!

Carol H.

World Cup Karate Paula M.

After researching several karate schools in the area my husband and i chose World Cup Karate because we felt they had more structure and organization. After attending class a few months we know we made the right decision by selecting them. It is a GREAT school with EXCEPTIONAL instructors and we are thrilled with the positive outcome it has made in Franco`s life and overall personality. Thank you WCK! We wish you continued success.

Paula M.

World Cup Karate Chrissy D.

My brother Franco loves karate! He is always so excited to go to karate class and has learned so much. So happy for his great experience here!

Chrissy D.

World Cup Karate Mary D.

Awesome what they can do and have learned. They look like they really are very focused.

Mary D.

World Cup Karate Sandy E.

My buddy Franco Marchese-Dente tells me is this is the best place to learn Karate.. We are going to check it out soon. Thanks Franco !!

Sandy E.

World Cup Karate Mike C.

Franco Dente is the man and learning how to do karate will help him in the future to obtain goals and stay focused on what he needs to do to achieve those goals!

Mike C.

World Cup Karate Vince R.

Gotta say Tat is one of the best karate instructors around I learned a lot from her. Great teacher and very talented - I highly recommend checking it out

Vince R.

World Cup Karate Tayler A.

Great place for your kids to learn self-defense, discipline, and how to focus, while getting fit and, having tons of fun!

Tayler A.

World Cup Karate Madison S.

Tat is honestly the best instructor you can get for your kids. I learned a lot from her and couldn't thank her enough! :)

Madison S.

World Cup Karate Gary C.

My godson Franco Dente loves his karate class! He's really enjoying his experience at World Cup Karate! He really enjoyed the session the other night with his parents!

Gary C.

World Cup Karate Amy S.

My boys love World Cup Karate! They beg to go to karate and would attend lessons every night if they could. Such a positive result!

Amy S.

World Cup Karate Crystal V.

Great for children! Clean, organized, and fun. Not too many kids per class. Love it!

Crystal V.

World Cup Karate Salvatore G.

It's been an unbelievable ride with this school my daughter has more focus now then ever before and it's just the beginning for her. the teachers are like family to us and we highly recommend coming to check it out we are as loyal to this school as the teachers are to to us. Thanks WCK for a new beginning in our Martial arts future.

Salvatore G.

World Cup Karate Joe S.

My boys love going to karate. World Cup has an Awesome staff. They teach karate and discipline in a very nurturing and caring way.

Joe S.

World Cup Karate Jamie L.

My nephews love their karate class! They are learning so much, and can't wait to go every week!

Jamie L.

World Cup Karate Karen C.

This place is great! They've given our buddy Logan so many skills and such confidence!

Karen C.

World Cup Karate Lauren B.

Awesome place! My son loves it here and the teachers are great!

Lauren B.

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