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  • Bring Value To ALL Your Relationships

    Bring Value To ALL Your Relationships

    “I Bring Value to All My Relationships”
    serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy, respect, patience and service. In theory, very few people that I know disagree with this concept. But I have learned many times, theory and application are two different things. I want to share a story with you that I believe demonstrates this very thing. One Saturday just before Christmas, I found myself in Walgreen’s where I was a part of an extremely long line at the checkout counter. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was doing some last minute Christmas shopping. It was a big store and it was filled with lots of customers but for some reason, there was only one ....

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  • How We're Keep Safe During Re-Opening

    How We're Keep Safe During Re-Opening

    World Cup Karate has been dedicated to teaching the martial arts to our community in a safe environment for over 5 years. We've done virtual training throughout this pandemic & now we are finally able to re-opening our doors. We are so excited, but re-opening begs the question, how are we going to keep everyone safe & healthy? One of the main aspects of the martial arts is self defense - this includes defending ourselves from unhealthy elements that will cause our bodies to become sick. We have adapted 10 New Studio Procedures
    that have been implemented everyday since opening & will continue to be used on a daily bases by all students & instructors. ....

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  • Focus Your Karate Mastery Mindsets!

    Focus Your Karate Mastery Mindsets!

    At our World Cup Karate we teach students the importance of maintaining their Karate Mastery Mindsets throughout their training. This is to help them develop both as a martial artist and as a leader in their everyday lives. Each mindset encourages ways to strengthen the relationships they have within their community and with themselves.
    Difficult obstacle will make me stronger
    is an awesome statement to say when you are going through difficult times. It reminds us to stay positive & tough and it can help you keep your perspective and stay focused on solutions. How can you accept the challenges of today and be stronger for it? See this moment as what it is: an opportunity to learn ....

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  • 4 Types of Self Defense

    4 Types of Self Defense

    We all know about the physical self defense. You know, when someone tries to attack you and you kick their butt because you've been taking karate all your life. Yes, that self defense! But did you know there are 3 other types of self defense that we need to be aware of? Read the article below and receive some tips on how to defend yourself against negative outside forces!

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  • The 5 Virtues of a Martial Artist

    The 5 Virtues of a Martial Artist

    The martial arts is more than just kicking, punching, or self defense. It is a way of life, built to create human beings with a higher moral standard than others. In no way does this mean we are BETTER than everyone else, it just means we look at the world in a different way. Our purpose becomes more about helping others & bringing positivity to the world around us, rather than just focusing on ourselves and our goals.
    Check out our infographic to find out what these 5 virtues are!

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  • How to Respond When Your Child Says, "I don't wanna go."

    How to Respond When Your Child Says, "I don't wanna go."

    If your child is enrolled in a martial arts program, odds are you have heard them say at least once, twice or even more, "I don't wanna go." Kids suddenly become inconsolable when it comes to attending the very same classes that they were so excited about 2 weeks ago. So what is going on here? "He LOVED
    the martial arts before Christmas" "She just wants to try new sports
    now" "They cry
    ever time I say to get ready for karate!" Does this sound familiar? Before we get into how to handle this, let clear one thing up... YOU'RE. NOT. ALONE.
    All parents go through this. Even parents that have had their child or children in the martial arts for a long period of time. ....

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