6 Types of Bullying

6 Types of Bullying

We all know that bullying exists. However, bullying is more than a group of schoolboys ganging up on the new kids and beating him up. Bullying can be anywhere; school, work, home, activities, even among friends. It also takes on different forms. 6 different forms to be specific. 

1) Physical Bullying

This is the most obvious form of bullying that we are very familiar with. It occurs when someone or group of people seek to gain power and control using physical actions. Some examples of this is kicking, punching, slapping, pushing, and other acts of physical nature. This is the easiest to identify and receives more attention than other forms of bullying.


2) Verbal Bullying

This type of bullying is when the perpetrator uses words, statements, & name calling to gain power and control over their target. Verbal bullies will use relentless insults to belittle, demean, & hurt another person. They choose their targets based on the what they look, act, or behave. It's also common for verbal bullies to target those with special needs, those who may be new, or those who are not a socially competent as others. This type of bullying is difficult to identify because it will happen when authoritative figures or others are around to hear. Therefore, it ends up being one person's word against the other. 


3) Relational Aggression

Also known as emotional bullying, this type of bullying is sneaky and often goes unnoticed. It's a type of social manipulation where the bully or bullies try to hurt their peers or coworkers by sabotaging their social standing. Relational bullies often ostracize others from a group, spread rumors, manipulate situations, & break confidences. The goal behind this is to increase the bully's social standing by controlling or bulling another person. This is seen more in teen girls & young women than any other demographic.


4) Cyber-bullying

This type of bullying occurs when someone harasses, threaten, embarrass or specifically target someone using some type of technology such as; a smartphone, the internet, video games, & any other electronic devices. If an adult is bullying a minor is this way it is called cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking. Because many people now-a-days are constantly "plugged in," cyber-bullying is a growing issue. It's also becoming more widespread because bullies can harass targets with less risk of getting caught. Because a cyber-bully can get to a target anywhere at anytime, the consequences of cyber-bullying are significant.


5) Sexual Bullying

Sexual Bullying consists of repeated, harmful, and humiliating actions that target a person sexually. Examples include sexual name-calling, crude comments, vulgar gestures, uninvited touching, sexual propositioning, and pornographic materials. Females are more often the targets of sexual bullying both by males and by other females. Men might touch them inappropriately, make crude comments about their bodies, or proposition them. Females, on the other hand, might call other women/girls names like “slut” or “tramp," make insulting comments about their appearance or body and engage in slut-shaming.


6) Prejudicial Bullying

Prejudicial bullying is based on prejudices people have towards those who are of different races, religions, or sexual orientation. This type of bullying can encompass all the other types of bullying including cyberbullying, verbal bullying, relational bullying, physical bullying, & sometimes even sexual bullying. When prejudicial bullying occurs, the bully is targeting others who are differernt from them and singling them out.


Bullying is an ever growing epidemic in society. No matter how old you are, you can fall victim in the workplace, at school, even at work or in close social circles. If you feel you are being bullied, there are some things you can do to stop it.

Simply stating that you don't like what's happening out loud where others can hear you can be very effective. This will show strength and bullies don't necessarily pick on those who are willing to stand up for themselves. You can reach out to a trusted friend, family-member, teacher, or even a therapist. Sometimes just talking it out and hearing solutions from others you trust is enough to help you through what is going on. And lastly, take up a martial art or self defense class. The martial arts is more that just a sport. You will increase your confidence, learn self defense, and more awareness on this subject. Whichever solution helps you, understand that you are not alone. There are so many people who face bullying everyday.

Keep your chin up and know that you are awesome in every way! 

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