Focus Your Karate Mastery Mindsets!

Focus Your Karate Mastery Mindsets!

At our World Cup Karate we teach students the importance of maintaining their Karate Mastery Mindsets throughout their training. This is to help them develop both as a martial artist and as a leader in their everyday lives. Each mindset encourages ways to strengthen the relationships they have within their community and with themselves.

Difficult obstacle will make me stronger is an awesome statement to say when you are going through difficult times. It reminds us to stay positive & tough and it can help you keep your perspective and stay focused on solutions. How can you accept the challenges of today and be stronger for it? See this moment as what it is: an opportunity to learn and grow.

Keep your cool... Even through stressful situations. This is a vital characteristics for all leaders. It's easy to give into aggravating situations, but as leaders, it's our job to rise above. Our students are our "World Cup Warriors" and when things get tough we tell them that they are warriors & warriors are in control of their emotions. Warriors don't freak out when things get intense. Warriors approach these problems calmly, collectively, & efficiently. Maybe there are some situations that you would have liked to use more self control with your emotions. How would you approach these scenarios differently if given another opportunity? How would a Warrior handle it?

Welcome positive energy with open arms. It's difficult to take a compliments sometimes. We are so used to others judging or criticizing us, that when someone says something positive to us, we don't know what to do. It's super simple: Accept it! How do you accept it? That's easy, just say, "Thank You." You don't need to elaborate and you don't always need to come back with a compliment for the person, just say thank you and move on. Also, go out of your way to be with uplifting people or go to a place you find to be peaceful with positive energy. This place could be anywhere. It's important to keep that positive energy flowing because as it flows through you, it will flow through people around you.

Always bring meaning & purpose to all your relationships. How do you interact with others? Do you listen and truly take the time to be present with those around you? Sometimes the smallest actions make the biggest impact on others. Give a smile, help open a door, and listen to them. Start with your friends and family, ask them how their day went and really listen for their answer. Show them that you value their relationship.

These are only some of the Karate Mastery Mindsets that we like to teach, there are many more than can help both you and your child, especially during this time of crisis. For more information on how to create these mindsets as a habit contact us at or call us at (609)601-5577.

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