How We're Keep Safe During Re-Opening

How We're Keep Safe During Re-Opening

World Cup Karate has been dedicated to teaching the martial arts to our community in a safe environment for over 5 years. We've done virtual training throughout this pandemic & now we are finally able to re-opening our doors. We are so excited, but re-opening begs the question, how are we going to keep everyone safe & healthy?


One of the main aspects of the martial arts is self defense - this includes defending ourselves from unhealthy elements that will cause our bodies to become sick. We have adapted 10 New Studio Procedures that have been implemented everyday since opening & will continue to be used on a daily bases by all students & instructors.


1) New Covid waivers must be signed before coming back to classes.

2) If weather permits, all classes are held outside for the time being.

3) If we are inside, everyone has their own spots that are 6 feet apart, making sure to practice social distancing.

4) No shoes or socks are permitted on the floor at anytime & everyone MUST wear shoes to the studio. No bare feet coming from outside to inside.

5) Everyone must enter through the front door & exit out the back door, therefore, having one flow of traffic coming through the studio.

6) Class sizes are limited & all students MUST reserve their spot before coming to class

7) Parents and/or siblings are not permitted to stay inside as classes take place - limiting the amount of people in the studio.

8) The studio is cleaned after classes that are in the studio & deep cleaned once a week. 

9) Hands must be washed before & after classes & all equipment will be cleaned off after every use.

10) As of right now, there is no sparring, partner work, or physical contact in any way (no high fives, fist bumps, elbow tag, etc.)


As you can see, the health & safety of all World Cup Warriors is taken seriously. If you are interested in trying out a class with us, click the link below.


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