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What Is A Stranger?

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What Is A Stranger?

What is a Stranger?

Let's take a little detour from talking about bullies & converse about another potential problem... A stranger!!!


So what is a stranger? Are they big? Mean? Ugly? Do they wear funny clothes?


To be completely honest, a stranger is anyone you DO NOT know. For children, a stranger remains a stranger until your parents tell you otherwise. As an adult, you can use your own judgment whether or not to get to know someone you don't know. 


Is a nice grandma that you haven’t met a stranger? Yes.

What about a store clerk?  Yes.

If they are strangers, does that make them bad? No.


As a matter of fact, most people that act nice are nice and most strangers are good people. But there is a difference between niceness and goodness. Some people might act nice just to get what they want. For this reason, we should always be careful around people we don’t know.


If you are around a stranger that makes you feel uncomfortable or they try to get you to do something that you don't want to (like get in their car), use this mantra:



Whether you are an adult or a child, this can be used. You say no, you go away from them, yell at them if they follow, then tell someone. Yelling brings attention to the situation & will most likely shock the stranger. Telling someone, helps bring awareness & also helps you process what happened.

So remember: NO - GO -YELL - TELL

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